WHAT is Breakthrough Thinking?

Breakthrough Thinking is part of the Breakthrough Thinking Broadcasting Network which is comprised of 3 powerful integrated shows:

  • Breakthrough Thinking:  A unique & powerful Radio Show designed to help people “Breakthrough” their self imposed limitations in life, business & sports.
  • Breakthrough Sports (The sports edition of Breakthrough Thinking):  An entertaining & informative look at Arizona Sports as well as sports from around the world.  Interviews with high profile guests in the world of sports, up to date scores, stories and commentary, behind the scenes information on issues related to sports, and peak performance tips and commentary.
  • Breakthrough Entertainment  –  Predominately highlighting the Entertainment World with…
  • Interviews with the stars, movie reviews & more!

WHAT makes The Breakthrough Thinking Broadcasting Network unique and powerful?

Radio shows that touch the lives of everyone:   From Sports to business to psychology to pure fun and entertainment, “The Breakthrough Thinking Broadcasting Network” keeps it fresh, fun and current.   Integrating high level business concepts, effective life planning & sports strategies with the power of the unconscious mind, our radio shows provides information, insights and pathways to success in life, business and sports.  . The show uses Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a basis for discussion. NLP is the study of human excellence. By understanding how the unconscious mind influences behaviors and decisions, one can start to break through the obstacles in their life, business and sports.  .