Actress Tanna Frederick talks ‘The M Word’

Actress Tanna Frederick recently spoke with “Breakthrough Entertainment” about her role in the new romantic comedy “The M Word,” in which she co-stars with Corey Feldman, Michael Imperioli and Francis Fisher.

Listen to “Breakthrough Entertainment’s” full interview with Frederick by clicking HERE. The following is an excerpt from the interview in which the actress discusses what she hopes audiences will take away from “The M Word.”

[Writer/director] Henry Jaglom interweaves interviews with women who are going through hot flashes and doing these funny and touching and moving testimonials about going through menopause with the actual story. It is about menopause, menstruation and lastly men. So ‘The M Word’ kind of covers a broad spectrum of women’s issues. What I think is going to happen and what I would love to happen is that women will walk away feeling confident, sexy and wanting to talk to their friends and husbands.

But it is still a dude-friendly movie. There are several great guys in this movie and they have been through menopause with their wives so it is not just a woman’s film. It is also men saying, ‘I don’t understand her! I don’t understand why she hates me now!’ I feel that all parties involved with aging and menopause – male and female – are involved with this film. So I hope that it is able to bring some clarity and some understanding and bring people closer together.

And boost women’s self-esteem. That’s the main thing. It is a topic that women are still very hesitant to talk about. Menopause is not covered in a lot of media so I am hoping that when this film comes out it is going to give women permission to not only laugh at what they have to go through while embracing what they have to go through but also start a dialogue with each other about women’s stuff – like what it is like to get older as women and all that stuff that comes along with.” Tanna Frederick

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