10/18/2014 Breakthrough Entertainment’s Rob Zombie Great American Nightmare Show

Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare

Interview: Event Manager Glenn Rea (Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare)

Felony (http://youtu.be/mWfmYIBg3mA)
The Two Faces of January (http://youtu.be/RPKvfxN-3UI)
Young Ones (http://youtu.be/mH9_tU5PbGs)

The Best of Me (http://youtu.be/cQszhfoP_WI)
Fury (http://youtu.be/-OGvZoIrXpg)

Interview: Screenwriters Jeff Robison and Casey Twenter (Rudderless)
Trailer: http://youtu.be/Xq6XgPSgzmA

Interview: Writer/Director Alex Ross Perry and Actor Jason Schwartzman (Listen Up Philip)
Note: Pre-Recorded

Interview: Assistant Executive Director Kristi Walsh (Arizona State Fair)

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