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As Founder and creator of “Breakthrough Thinking Broadcasting Network” (BTBN) which is a Media / Business model, Dave also is the host and producer of each show under BTBN which includes the popular radio shows “Breakthrough Thinking”  (Business Psychology), “Breakthrough Sports” (Sports commentary, interviews and news) and “Breakthrough Entertainment" (Entertainment related news and interviews). Dave’s abilities extend beyond hosting and producing. He also reports on various sports and entertainment events including interviewing high profile people and organizations. His business skills come from 30 years’ experience of being a CPA and business consultant and owner of (David S. Isaac P.C. - A CPA and Business Consulting firm) as well as his experience, knowledge and education in Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP). Dave is a certified Master Practitioner in NLP and owner of Designing Success Inside, LLC (www.acceleratedmastery.com) NLP is the study of human excellence. For a complete bio see:   http://acceleratedmastery.com/bio.php

“ACES OF COMEDY” AT THE MIRAGE HOTEL IN LAS VEGAS. George Lopez high octane, powerful and engaging performance not only uplifted the audience through his phenomenally funny conversational humor, his style is also a thing of beauty to watch.  When … Read More

George Lopez

A Trip Down Memory Lane. The anticipation that something great was about to happen, quickly swept through the Orleans Showroom in Las Vegas as the crowd eagerly awaited for the show to start.  This was not just another concert, it … Read More


 The Greatest Entertainer of Our Time Whether it is the holiday season or just another day of the week, there are those special individuals that have such a passion for life that the gifts and talents they give to the … Read More

Terry Fator

What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas, except when one of the all-time best live musicals’ comes to town, giving people the desire to tell all about their experiences in their hometown. This is great entertainment that transcends the … Read More

In a world where perception can make the difference between success and failure, happiness or disappointment or negative vs positive thoughts, most people seem to settle for the path of least resistance and accept their fate without imagining greatness. Choosing … Read More

50 to 1 Jim Wilson Skeet Ulrich

In the spring of 1960, while a movie called Oceans 11 was being made in Las Vegas, some of the stars of the movie decided to perform at the Sands hotel delighting sold out crowds with their songs, humor, interaction … Read More

  In an age where high tech substitutes for talent, flashy visual effects serve as a distraction and large stage productions separates the audience from the performer, there is one man in the world of “Magic” that performs on pure … Read More

Jersey Boys  “A blend of vintage memories, which ignited the senses and brought back a time where youth had no limits.”  I knew the songs but I had no idea of the story behind the songs.  The real life experiences … Read More

Earth Angel Frankie Valli Jersey Boys The Four Seasons

MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET: A Musical Delight with Heart, Soul and “Rock ‘n’ Roll”!   Everyone knows the names Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.  Yet, does everyone know how each of these super stars got started? … Read More

Carl Perkins Elvis Presley Harrah's Jerry Lee Lewis Johnny Cash Million Dollar Quartet Sam Phillips Sun Records

ABSINTHE: Funny, Amazing, Entertaining and Delightfully Raunchy! If you like to laugh, be entertained and sit on the edge of your seat, then go see Absinthe. There are few shows that have it all. Daring stunts, amazing feats, acrobats demonstrating … Read More

Las Vegas

‘S Wonderful, the new musical featuring over 42 songs by the Gershwin Brothers is Wonderful with a big “S” which stands for sensational. If you appreciate award winning songs performed by super talented singers, who can dance and act, then … Read More

As an NLP Practitioner (Study of Human Excellence), I am always seeking ways to help people “perform above their self imposed limitations.”  Whether it is sports, business or personal, the key to success is learning how to perform above your … Read More

IN today’s fast pace world, most people are racing towards their dreams and running from their nightmares at the same time.  Sadly, if you are like most people, you are probably trying to outrace your nightmares to the finish line. For … Read More

Books, publications, and seminars on positive thinking have bombarded the general public, businesses and sports teams for years. Yet, why are people still inconsistent in their success and even worse, why does success seem to elude the great majority of … Read More