Breakthrough Entertainment’s Pixar Show (Airdate: June 20, 2015)

Pixar ShowCoinciding with the release of “Inside Out,” Breakthrough Entertainment celebrates Pixar Animation and has an “emotional” conversation with Northeastern University Behavioral Science Department Chair Kristen Lee Costa. Other guests include hypnotist Jim Kellner, Cirque du Soleil actor RJ Owens and comedian Lisa Lampanelli while other films featured include “Burying the Ex” and “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.” (Download MP3)

Segment 1 – Opening/”Jurassic World’s” Record-Breaking Box Office

Segment 2 – Review: “Inside Out”

Segment 3 – Bobby Reviews “Jurassic World”

Segment 4 – Interview: Behavioral Science Department Chair Kristen Lee Costa (Northeastern University)

Segment 5 – Soundbite Spotlight: Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling and More (“Inside Out”)

Segment 6 – Interview: Hypnotist Jim Kellner

Segment 7 – Interview: Actor RJ Owens (Cirque du Soleil: Mystère)

Segment 8 – Interview: Comedian Lisa Lampanelli (“Lisa Lampanelli: Back to the Drawing Board”)

Segment 9 – Closing/Reviews: “Burying the Ex” and “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”

Full Show (Segments 1-9)

Joseph J. Airdo

Joseph J. Airdo is a film critic, producer and on-air personality for Breakthrough Entertainment, a talk radio show airing 10-11 a.m. Saturdays on KPHX 1480 AM and that shines a spotlight on the practical perspectives of the topics and themes explored in movies. He has a pet duck named Frozen who is as opinionated about movies as he is. E-mail him at

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