Breakthrough Entertainment’s Songs Made Scary by Horror Movies IV (Airdate: June 6, 2015)

Songs Made Scary by Horror Movies 4Tiptoe through the tulips with Breakthrough Entertainment for Songs Made Scary by Horror Movies IV, coinciding with the release of “Insidious: Chapter 3.” Guests include Agamemnon Films CEO Fraser C. Heston (son of screen legend Charlton Heston), actor Tommy Chong (one half of the classic comedy duo “Cheech and Chong”) and musical director Vincent Falcone (longtime collaborator of crooner Frank Sinatra). (Download MP3)

Segment 1 – Opening/1920’s Party/Bobby the Flapper

Segment 2 – Lies, Lies, Lies/Review: “Insidious: Chapter 3”

Segment 3 – Interview: Filmmaker Fraser C. Heston (Agamemnon Films)

Segment 4 – Interview: Actor Tommy Chong (“Cheech and Chong”)

Segment 5 – Upcoming Horror Movies

Segment 6 – Eric’s Didgeridoo

Segment 7 – Interview: Musical Director Vincent Falcone (“Frank: The Man. The Music.”)

Segment 8 – What Scares Bobby/Soundbite Spotlight: Leigh Whannell, Stefanie Scott, Dermot Mulroney and Lin Shaye (“Insidious: Chapter 3”)

Segment 9 – Closing/Picks of the Week

Full Show (Segments 1-9)

Joseph J. Airdo

Joseph J. Airdo is a film critic, producer and on-air personality for Breakthrough Entertainment, a talk radio show airing 10-11 a.m. Saturdays on KPHX 1480 AM and that shines a spotlight on the practical perspectives of the topics and themes explored in movies. He has a pet duck named Frozen who is as opinionated about movies as he is. E-mail him at

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