Absinthe Review


Funny, Amazing, Entertaining and Delightfully Raunchy!

If you like to laugh, be entertained and sit on the edge of your seat, then go see Absinthe. There are few shows that have it all. Daring stunts, amazing feats, acrobats demonstrating grace, beauty and strength and simply hysterical comedy. That is what you will find when you walk into the intimate tent of Absinthe. The stage is circular and all the seats are excellent.

Some shows try to be funny and end up just amusing. Others are not funny at all. However Absinthe will keep you laughing all night long. Yes, quite raunchy, yet the comedy was delivered with precision skills and the timing was impeccable performed by world class comedians. The two hosts of the show have amazing chemistry as they play off each other in a comedic explosion of adult humor. The main host is the Gallzillionaire and his assistant Penny Pibbetts.

When you weren’t laughing, you were enjoying the amazing acrobatic stunts and incredible feats of super talented individuals. Simply put: Strength, agility, balance, beauty and grace all wrapped up in daring stunts with amazing body control by fearless performers. In addition, there were innovative props, sensuality disguised as an acrobatic delight, high wire acts and a variety show that is unmatched by any other show on the Las Vegas Strip.

Absinthe is a must see while you’re in Vegas!

Now playing at Caesars Palace!

Dave Isaac

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