Actor Andy Garcia talks ‘At Middleton’

Actor Andy Garcia recently spoke with “Breakthrough Entertainment” about his role in the new romantic dramedy “At Middleton.”

In “At Middleton,” which opens Friday, Jan. 31, Garcia and Vera Farmiga play two strangers who meet on their children’s campus tour at the idyllic Middleton College. What begins as an afternoon of fun soon becomes a revealing and enlightening experience that will change their lives forever.

Listen to “Breakthrough Entertainment’s” full interview with Garcia by clicking HERE. The following is an excerpt from the interview in which the actor discusses what he hopes that viewers take away from “At Middleton” as well as what he took away from the experience making the movie.

The conceit is that sometimes in life you can encounter sort of a thunderbolt – that moment when you see or meet someone that can change your life. I think that happens a lot of times. Whether you act upon that or not is a different story. But that is what the movie explores. The movie explores and maybe celebrates the conceit of that magical moment when two people meet and that special thing happens.

I think that is a very romantic notion and a lot of times it can change people’s lives. You can commit the relationship or continue to explore it or [allow it to be] just a moment in time. Whether it is a man or a woman, maybe that person becomes your best friend; but you feel a deep connection right away and you say, ‘I feel like I have known you forever and I really feel that we can be special friends or lovers or partners. This happens all of the time and I think that the movie tries explore that.

On a personal level, what I take with me is the actual experience as an actor and the experience of making the film creatively with my fellow collaborators – from the director and the producers to Vera [Farmiga] and the [rest of the] cast. I also take great pride in the fact that we set out to tell a story on our own with very little help and we got it done. I think that is a very beautiful thing for all of us who worked hard to do that and all of us who showed up to be a part of this. So that is sort of where I hang my hat.” – Andy Garcia

Joseph J. Airdo

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