Actress P.J. Soles talks ‘Halloween’

Actress P.J. Soles recently spoke with “Breakthrough Entertainment” about her role as Lynda van der Klock in the classic horror flick “Halloween,” which will celebrate its 35th anniversary with the Tuesday, Sept. 24 release of a new special edition Blu-ray.

Listen to “Breakthrough Entertainment’s” full interview with Soles by clicking HERE. The following is an excerpt from the interview in which the actress discusses her memories of making the movie.

It always makes me giggle it was such a delightful time. I was young, we were all hoping that our parts in the movie would lead to other jobs and it was an exciting time – the beginning of all of our careers. And just the chance to work in such a creative atmosphere I think is what delights me the most When I recall having worked on many other movies since then, there is nothing that compares to the ambience. It was pure fun.

I totally appreciate the experience. I felt like I was a major player and wasn’t just some hired actress to be the director’s puppet. I was actually a contributor on the film. That is how John Carpenter … made us all feel. We were collaborators. And there is nothing more special than that. On ‘Carrie,’ we were all sort of pawns in Brian de Palma’s game. That is how we felt and we would all laugh about it. That is really the way that it is supposed to be, though. It is very unusual for a director to have his set feel like you are really a collaborator.

It seems like just yesterday. I can recall the memories at the drop of a hat. It was such a fun time. It is astounding to me that it has been 35 years and that the interest continues and continues to grow. It is totally amazing. People have tuned into it and get a good feeling from watching it. It is a scary movie but it is also called a masterpiece. A masterpiece is something that appeals everybody and makes them feel good. So I am really honored to be part of that.” – P.J. Soles

Joseph J. Airdo

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