Ben Altarescu and Zack Samberg talk ‘The Book of Lone Peak’

Seasoned filmmaker Ben Altarescu and Fivestar Basketball social media reporter Zack Samberg recently spoke with “Breakthrough Entertainment” about their new short documentary “The Book of Lone Peak.”

The Book of Lone Peak,” which is now available on iTunes, tells the story of a predominantly Mormon high school basketball team from Utah and their road to the National Championship.

Listen to “Breakthrough Entertainment’s” full interview with Alarescu and Samberg by clicking HERE. The following is an excerpt from the interview in which the unlikely duo discuss “The Book of Lone Peak’s” humble beginnings.

Zack and I met through a family friend who had heard about the story that Zack had come upon and discovered and, luckily for me, threw my name in the circle as a filmmaker who could help. We met in April of last year and a few days later we were out in Utah shooting the film.

I think that one of the most challenging things about the documentary for me was finding a dramatic narrative in a story about a team that politely beats almost every team they play by an average of 30 points per game. So, I found the real heart of the story – these kids, their beliefs, their David versus Goliath story about how every time they walk into a gym they are discounted and the way that their faith bonded them together and sort of inspired them to continue to work hard and eventually led to this result.” – Ben Altarescu

This was my first experience with a film so it was great to have Ben on board with me. I have always had an interest in film but, at the age of 14 last year, I never really thought that something like this could actually happen. But it was great that the story came to me and, once I heard it, I thought that it was a big enough that it could not just be an article that I wrote. It had to be something bigger and I thought that a documentary would be great.

When I first saw these guys in Springfield, Mass., I was shocked. They beat the team they were playing – which was a very well-respected team – by 40 [points]. I went to talk to them afterward and asked, ‘How are you guys so good?’ They said, ‘We have all been playing together since second grade. Using the bond that we built together both on and off the court just helps us win games. That is how we are so good.’” – Zack Samberg

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