Filmmakers Kelly Dolen and Stephen M. Coates talk ‘John Doe: Vigilante’

Writer/director Kelly Dolen and co-writer Stephen M. Coates recently spoke with “Breakthrough Entertainment” about their new crime thriller “John Doe: Vigilante.”

In “John Doe: Vigilante,” which opens Friday, March 21, Jamie Bamber plays an ordinary man who fights violence the only way that he knows how – by killing one criminal at a time. Is he a hero or a villain? Are his actions justice or vengeance? You decide.

The following are statements submitted to “Breakthrough Entertainment” by the filmmakers about what they hope that audiences will take away from watching “John Doe: Vigilante.” And do not forget to enter the “15 to Life Sweepstakes,” in which you can win a 15-year online subscription to Netflix.

I think the message of ‘John Doe: Vigilante’ is loud and clear; the greater community need to band together as a whole and demand change. If people truly believe the system is failing – that good people are being treated unfairly – then the only way to make a difference is to stand united and make that change.” – Kelly Dolen

It’s quite easy to walk away from ‘John Doe: Vigilante’ fired up and angry about the injustices in the world and the inconsistencies in our justice system. However, our intent with this film was not to start any vigilante activity but rather to stimulate debate, to start a conversation; The first step in addressing the issues is to start talking about them – which isn’t really happening at the moment. In addition, we would like people to consider that if we can become a community again and start looking out for each other – start protecting and caring for each other – then we might actually start to prevent some of these violent crimes.” – Stephen M. Coates

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