George Lopez Show Review: By Dave Isaac 12/14/14


George Lopez high octane, powerful and engaging performance not only uplifted the audience through his phenomenally funny conversational humor, his style is also a thing of beauty to watch.  When something comes so easily to a professional that it seems like it is just part of them rather than acting out a part, that is real genius.

The laughs were non stop as he was poking fun at various types of ethnic backgrounds with humorous stories and one liners.   His expressions, mannerism, sense of timing and delivery were so integrated with what he said that each joke was enriched beyond the mere words and transcended to another dimension where laughter was more like a whole body experience.    Some comedians tell you a funny joke with time to recover before the next joke that may or may not be funny.  George had the audience “rolling” over in their seats with laughter where his jokes came in a rapid fire and non-stop sequence, creating a series of timeless moments for the audience where the stress and pressure of the world magically disappeared.

I noticed George had a well deserved air of confidence, allowing him to communicate with the audience not only his funny nature but also his success as being one of the top comedians in the world today.  It wasn’t cocky or arrogant, but rather a sense of pride of what he has accomplished and communicating to people that they have an unlimited potential to be, have and do wherever their dreams may lead.

I have seen certain performers over the years go through the motions, detached from the audience and apparently not wanting to be there except possibly for the the paycheck.   But not George.  He was completely engaged with the audience, fully integrated in the now and performed with such great energy and passion that you couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the man who loves making people laugh.

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