Kathy Griffin Show Review

Kathy Griffin lived up to her reputation as an “equal opportunity offender” in her hilarious show at the Mirage in the Terry Fator Theater. Kathy was high-energy from the moment she jogged onto the stage. Though some people may find it difficult to keep up with her ADD mind as she flips from topic to topic with an occasional “remind me to tell you about such and such later,” her comedic timing is impeccable and her conversational style draws you in. Kathy makes it feel like you are great friends catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, reality show “drama,” her wine-loving and fan-favorite mother Maggie and other juicy tidbits including sharing “personal” texts, tweets and moments with Cher and Anderson Cooper.

Everything in her show is insightful, smart, fresh and contemporary. She joked about her recent show at a “racino” where the sound system went out and she resorted to using a bull-horn (such is the life of a D-lister, lol). Anderson Cooper’s interview with the erstwhile Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling, the Khaos that is the Kardashian/Jenner clan and the Kirstie Alley/Jenny Craig alliance all added fuel to the fire that is Kathy’s signature style of comedy. In addition to these “universal” topics, much of Kathy’s show was based on her observations in the local area. Las Vegas obviously provided LOTS of material for this comedic genius. Her intermittent yet seamless use of impersonation adds to the overall experience. Kathy’s irreverent, in-your-face, blunt, raunchy humor does not disappoint as she blasts all aspects of the craziness that is pop-culture today. Leave your political correctness at the door, sit back, relax and enjoy the frenetic ride on the high-speed, laugh-out-loud roller coaster ride that is Kathy Griffin Live!

Tricia Urteaga

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