Show Review: Sex with Strangers

Sex with Strangers


Sex with Strangers is the first joint venture production of Stray Catz and The Arizona Theatre Company.  At first glance, title only, one might think this an irreverent, crash and superficial play written strictly for a target audience of horny 20 somethings.  Au contrair, while I would abstain from bringing young children due to subject matter and language, I would totally recommend this show for all those 15 years of age and older.

Sex with Strangers features only two actors.  Both Tyler Eglen (You may recognize him from the Science Center) & Heather Lee Harper (you may remember her from Romeo and Juliet) do a phenomenal job of drawing the audience into their drama and hitting this one out of the park.  The venue, Stage West at the Herburger theater center is a smaller, more intimate setting that works extremely well for this type of stage play.  The audience is able to see the actor’s facial expressions and truly feel almost voyeuristic as we watch this tale unfold.  This play truly brings to light and makes one think about the effect of social media and the web in our lives.  Gone are the days when you randomly meet a person and slowly get to know them as you date and spend time with one another and each others’ friends and families.  Now with google, you can put in a person’s name, read about them, and possibly even think you know them based on the information you have.  Is this a good thing?  Time will tell.  This show gently brings these questions to bear and takes you on a wild ride through the twists and turns of this couples emotional and romantic escapades.  We laugh, we feel disappointed, we cheer and we contemplate all at various times in this play.  We also learn the importance of trust, integrity and real, in-person communication.

If this show is any indication of what we can expect from the collaboration of these two incredible theater companies, I certainly hope this will be the first of many!  Great job Stray Catz and ATC!

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