You have a both a Michelangelo and a David inside of you

Everyone knows the famous statue that was sculpted by Michelangelo called “The David.” There is a story that says that when the block of marble that was intended for the statue of was brought from the quarry, there was tremendous concern that a visible flaw on the outside of this block would make it unusable. When Michelangelo came to inspect it, he said something to the effect “not to worry, I see him in there and I will release him.”


Michelangelo was a genius who created great masterpieces. “The David” is one of those great masterpieces. Carved out of a single massive block marble, it is a one of the great artistic wonders of the world. The story above may or may not be true, but modern analysis shows that this amazing work of art was in fact carved from an inferior block of marble. However this does not take anything away from the aesthetic value of this moving piece of work.


In the same way, our brains are very much like that block of marble. Our brains are composed of countless neurons that can be programmed by our conscious and subconscious in ways that will improve our mental abilities, give us focus, and direct us to achieve our goals and own personal potential. In other words, as Michelangelo chiseled, polished and worked the marble to create The David, we too can do the same with our minds to create a better self.


The good news is that we can use our conscious thoughts to shape our beliefs, in order to change our behaviors, in order to help us achieve goals that we have always wanted but may not have thought possible. In other words, we can use be our own inner Michelangelo to create our own version of The David. In fact, just as Michelangelo saw “The David” in that Block of Marble, you can see your own vision the person you want to be and transform yourself to create your own masterpiece of your life.


You can learn to be your own Michelangelo and find the tools you need to create your own David through meditation, visualization, goal setting, prioritization, and other techniques that you can learn about through Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP), books, seminars, etc that will be presented in these blogs. Of course, you can also listen to “Breaking Murphy’s Law” on “Breakthrough Thinking Broadcasting Network” hosted by David Isaac.

Mike Hoffman

Mike Hoffman is Owner and General Manager of ServiceMaster by Disaster Professionals. He has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. He was at MSU at the same time as Magic Johnson and Kirk Gibson. As Owner of ServiceMaster by Disaster Professionals he is dedicated to helping people reach their personal potential and to not let disasters or other unplanned events get in the way. Prior to owning ServiceMaster by Disaster Professionals, Mike had a successful career in the Semiconductor industry for 27 years working for Motorola and On Semiconductor. During this time he achieved his goals of Managing Semiconductor Manufacturing Facilities, Project Managing the building of new facilities, working internationally and living internationally. He and his family lived in Guadalajara, Mexico from 1999 to 2002 then in Bratislava, Slovakia from 2002 to 2006. During his time in the Semiconductor industry he traveled extensively throughout Europe, North America, Asia, and Israel developing relationship and friendships throughout the world. Now he is working to do the same in our own community here in Phoenix.

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