Get on 2 It!




rnHqNtSWDqFJqi_lKtpBHrYuOlCZMNow6sffdIY1i-kAre you happy with your health, wealth and relationships? Have you achieved your goals and dreams? If not, what’s stopping you?


Get ON 2 IT offers a self-actualization course called the Human Instruction Manual. Self-actualization is defined as “the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities.”  Do you currently know what is stopping you from fulfilling your talent and potential? Do you know what to do or where to look for help to achieve your goals?

The Human Instruction Manual course will help you discover your roadblocks, break old patterns of behavior, and create new, sustainable behaviors, to achieve your goals on your own terms.


Advantages and Incentives to Take the Course:

·        Improve your health, wealth and relationships ( Directly and Indirectly)

·        Achieve your goals and dreams on your own terms

·        Learn using a sustainable and maintainable system in less than 2 hours per week

·        Requires no additional training once the course is complete

·        Choose personal classes or take the course via teleconference

·        Earn a $200 refund when you complete the course

·        Earn a $100 referral fee for anyone you refer to the program

·        The first 20 people per class will get an hour of one-on-one time with Don

·        Book one-on-one additional time with Don


Imagine using your power of choice to complete the Human Instruction Manual and to finally accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed of and to open up a whole new world of possibilities.


Don Williams Bio


Tragedy to Triumph

At age 10, while playing tag in the house with his younger brother, Don Williams broke the C1 vertebra in his neck which is commonly fatal.  He was instantly paralyzed from the neck down. With his parents out of town that week in December, his older brother called 911 and got him to the hospital where the doctors did not take x-rays because they assumed he was faking injury. They even encouraged his father to check him out of the hospital to see if he’d stop faking it by telling his father that ”Don was stunned while playing and was in good enough condition to go play in the snow.” His father had to carry Don to the car and to a bed.  A day later x-rays were taken but doctors could not find evidence of damage. When it became evident that something really was wrong, a specialist finally made the correct diagnosis.


Throughout the injury, the diagnosis, the terrible surgery and the recovery process, no one ever bothered listen to or ask Don what he was feeling or bothered to explain anything of what was happening. The neglect fueled a powerful anger and determination in him to recover. It forced him to grow up a lot sooner than his siblings or friends. It also made him curious as to what makes people think and act as they do and to wonder why no one bothered to communicate with him since he was the one with the experience.


Against all odds, in only six months, Don made a full recovery and finished out his school year, although his injury did prevent him from playing contact sports like football for fear of additional neck injury. Doctors today call him a living miracle, especially given the early botched diagnosis and poor treatment.


If They’d Only Asked!

Don found being constantly underestimated as a child made question human behavior even more.  For example, in kindergarten, his parents were told he was a slow learner, and yet when the family moved to a different state and he changed schools at age 12, the new school recognized his intelligence. With aware teachers that did not label, Don quickly became a straight A student. If only someone had bothered to ask or explain things to him when he first started school. Until that point Don just viewed reading, writing, and math as a game he was not interested in. He didn’t understand why they were important.


Don graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern Florida. During his college tenure he watched fellow students happily jump on the path to self-destruction with too much drinking and partying, and other diversions, and wondered why they choose that path. You see, Don equated the “buzz” feeling of alcohol to the extreme experience he felt when he had to relearn how to walk and move his body. To him “WHY” would anyone want to feel that way willingly?


His experience in the work world following college puzzled him as much as his early years. As the new guy in jobs, no one ever bothered to ask his opinion or listen to his suggestions. He quickly noticed how companies tended to make costly mistakes. As an example he went ahead and worked out the solutions to a project on his own, he cut the time and effort on a monthly process from three weeks to three days.


Get ON 2 IT was Born

Today, the curiosity and early experiences that sparked Don to examine his fellow human beings and their motivations has led him to create Get ON 2 IT. His program is designed to help people discover the things (fears and worries) that are holding them back and to sort of “get out of their own way” so they are able to achieve the goals, desires and dreams they’ve always wanted had but never realized.


Don recognizes that his own journey into self-actualization is continuing and regularly examines his own motivations. Toward that end, he always works through the course exercises right alongside his clients to provide an example. Don has a goal to eliminate unneeded pain and suffering, this happens largely because people not knowing any better. The journey of self-discovery is never ending according to Don. The time it takes can be accelerated with the correct factual knowledge to bring a higher quality of life for those who know better. So get started and get ON 2 IT.