NBA: Daily Predictions

1. Sacramento Kings (12-20) at Toronto Raptors (12-20)

Predicted Winner: Toronto

2. Brooklyn Nets (17-15) at Washington Wizards (4-26)

Predicted Winner: Brooklyn

3. Cleveland Cavaliers (7-26) at Charlotte Bobcats (8-23)

Predicted Winner: Cleveland

4. Atlanta Hawks (20-10) at Detroit Pistons (12-22)

Predicted Winner: Atlanta

5. Chicago Bulls (17-13) at Miami Heat (22-8)

Predicted Winner: Miami

6. Indiana Pacers (19-13) at Boston Celtics (14-17)

Predicted Winner: Indiana

7. Portland Trail Blazers (16-15) at Memphis Grizzlies (20-9)

Predicted Winner: Memphis

8. Philadelphia 76rs (15-18) at Oklahoma City Thunder (24-7)

Predicted Winner: Oklahoma City

9. Houston Rockets (18-14) at Milwaukee Bucks (16-14)

Predicted Winner: Houston

10. Utah Jazz (16-17) at Phoenix Suns (12-21)

Predicted Winner: Phoenix

The game of the night will feature both of the NBA’s Staples Center occupants.

11. Los Angeles Lakers (15-16) at Los Angeles Clippers (25-8)

The Clippers have lost two in a row, but before that had won a franchise record 17 in a row. They are looking to get back into their winning ways against their rivals from down the hall.

The Lakers want to prove that despite their early season struggles, that they are going to find their game at some point and what better time then against the Clippers.

Predicted Winner: Los Angeles Lakers