NBA: Daily Predictions

1. Detroit Pistons (7-20) at Toronto Raptors (7-19)

Predicted Winner: Toronto

2. Brooklyn Nets (13-11) at New York Knicks (18-6)

Predicted Winner: New York

3. Washington Wizards (3-19) at Orlando Magic (11-13)

Predicted Winner: Orlando

4. Utah Jazz (14-12) at Indiana Pacers (13-12)

Predicted Winner: Utah

5. Cleveland Cavaliers (5-21) at Boston Celtics (12-12)

Predicted Winner: Boston

6. Oklahoma City Thunder (20-4) at Atlanta Hawks (15-7)

Predicted Winner: Oklahoma City

7. Philadelphia 76ers (12-13) at Houston Rockets (12-12)

Predicted Winner: Houston

8. Charlotte Bobcats (7-17) at Phoenix Suns (10-15)

Predicted Winner: Phoenix

9. Milwaukee Bucks (13-10) at Memphis Grizzlies (16-6)

Predicted Winner: Memphis

10. Golden State Warriors (17-8) at Sacramento Kings (7-17)

Predicted Winner: Golden State

11. New Orleans Hornets (5-19) at Los Angeles Clippers (18-6)

Predicted Winner: Los Angeles Clippers

Greg Isaac

Greg IsaacGreg Isaac is an avid/die-hard Los Angeles Kings fan, having gone to his first game at the Great Western Forum when he was 3. He is also a huge Dodgers and Lakers fan. Greg enjoys Seth Rogen and Jason Segel movies with Knocked Up, Superbad and Forgetting Sarah Marshall being 3 of his many favorites. He’s also a huge Bill Maher and Seth MacFarlane fan, with his favorite T.V. show being Family Guy, of course. Crown Royal is his drink and Seafood/Chinese tie for his food of choice. On the weekends you’ll probably find him playing non-stop ball hockey with his 2-year-old son Masen.

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