What You See Is What You Get…

What You See Is What You Get

How do you feel when you buy something only to find out when you get it home that it wasn’t at all what was advertised? I am still amazed at what those food items (Big Macs©, Whoppers© and Foot Longs©) look like in the ads and when you open up the wrapper they are just a shadow of what they said you were getting.  The harm is brief, because in 15 minutes it will be gone, you will be full, and it actually did hit the spot.

We all know that lying on a resume for a job is playing with fire. To represent yourself as something you’re not is dishonest at best and if you are found out it will probably, no certainly, get you fired. It’s just not a good idea to misrepresent yourself like that because, in the end, it will come back and bite you.

So why do people go into relationships with a mask on? It is so important in a relationship to be authentic, speak honestly and not put up a false front if it is your intention to be serious about someone. Sure you may impress them for a while, but in the end when they realize the truth, then what? You look bad, they feel like a fool and there are bad feelings all around.

It’s much better to present an accurate picture of yourself and attract the kind of person that will be the right match for you. You will save the time of having to go from person to person, heartache to heartache, hoping that they are a match for you.

If you are already in a relationship, say what you mean honestly. Don’t hold back your feelings, needs and desires. That way your mate will not have to guess what you are thinking, how you feel about things and what to expect from you. Of course, if that special someone is a perfect mind reader then you can disregard this advice.

The other part of this proposition is to encourage the same from them. When they tell you about those deep feelings that they haven’t told another soul, accept it wholeheartedly. They are revealing an intimate part of themselves and to reject it or belittle it will be soul crushing to them. It could end the relationship, so take a breath and pick your words carefully.

If you can’t find the words, a hug will say everything. There is something about being vulnerable to someone close that increases intimacy every time.

In order to find maintain and increase the quality of a good relationship, authenticity and honesty is and always will be the best policy. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Joe Battaglia

Intuitive, observant, insightful, and passionate, Joe’s on a mission to help heal relationship strains, fractures, and breakdowns. A veteran of battles won and lost in his own relationships, Joe knows that the key to a happy, productive, and satisfying relationship in love, at work, with your parents or with your next door neighbor, is all about authentic connection. Before becoming a coach, Joe spent 35+ years in the medical field, observing people at their best, worst, and most vulnerable. If you’re feeling stuck in an unfulfilled relationship, career, or life, feel like you just can’t win in some (or many) area(s) of life, and are finally ready to summon the strength to change your future, Joe’s the man to help you do it so that you, too, can live the dream.

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