Joe Battaglia's Articles

Intuitive, observant, insightful, and passionate, Joe’s on a mission to help heal relationship strains, fractures, and breakdowns. A veteran of battles won and lost in his own relationships, Joe knows that the key to a happy, productive, and satisfying relationship in love, at work, with your parents or with your next door neighbor, is all about authentic connection. Before becoming a coach, Joe spent 35+ years in the medical field, observing people at their best, worst, and most vulnerable. If you’re feeling stuck in an unfulfilled relationship, career, or life, feel like you just can’t win in some (or many) area(s) of life, and are finally ready to summon the strength to change your future, Joe’s the man to help you do it so that you, too, can live the dream.

What You See Is What You Get How do you feel when you buy something only to find out when you get it home that it wasn’t at all what was advertised? I am still amazed at what those food … Read More

Today is Valentine’s Day. Some people embrace the opportunity to express their emotions to another and some people avoid it at all costs. This has always puzzled me because to live life behind ten foot walls is really no meaningful life … Read More

You Know You’ve Found the Right Person When… How can you tell if that person really is “The One?” No one can tell you hard and fast rules about who is right or wrong for you, and if they do, … Read More

The Three Most Important Rules in a Relationship There are many ways to keep the romance going in a relationship. At the bottom of all of them is commitment and intimacy. If you can maintain a strong sense of connection … Read More

Personalities are, at the same time, both very simple and very complex. There are some six billion of us on this planet and no two are the same and yet we all have many things in common. One thing we … Read More

s time your friend, or is it a foe? Do you do battle with it every day trying to jam as much into it as possible or do you see it as gentle friend that grants you the ability to … Read More

We all have secrets. There are things we know that we won’t tell virtually anyone that we are familiar with. You wouldn’t share your intimate life with your children, but you might with your parents. You shouldn’t share your party … Read More