Sales Psychology Radio

“Sales Psychology Radio” is not your ordinary sales show. It is a show that will explore the depths of ones thoughts along with ways to rise above your self imposed limitations. It is a show that will give practical advice on how to think differently about sales and “Integrate” parts of yourself that are in conflict with your desire to sell. This show will provide ways to change any negative perception of sales in your prospects mind to inspiring and motivating realities that will delight and serve your clients with the utmost of value. The journey does not end there…
Join us every month for a new episode of “Sales Psychology Radio” exclusively on the Breakthrough Thinking Broadcasting Network.

Tiffany Timmons-Saab:

With a strong ability to customize and integrate into various
industries, Tiffany has delivered professional coaching,
training and recruiting services to local, regional, and
national companies.

As a published author, speaker, and consultant, Tiffany
creates training and coaching programs that allow her to
adjust messages in real time based on audience participation.

Her expressive style has helped business owners focus on
results while building human value in their organizations.
She is Ziglar Performance Group and ActionCoach certified,
holds a Bachelor’s of Science and Business Administration
from the University of Kentucky, as well as a Master’s
Degree in Business Administration.

She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband
and 3 children.

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