Happy 4th of July weekend! Today’s fun time takes us back to 1996. Independence Day was one of the biggest blockbusters during the 1990’s. What makes it even more unique and hard to fathom, is that the film was shot … Read More

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Today’s fun time: When the legendary Jack Nicholson was 37, he found out that his sister was really his mom. June Nicholson was 18 when she gave birth to Jack. With June also not knowing for sure at the time … Read More

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Segment 1 – Host Chat: Joseph’s Friend Danny, Call from Bobbie and Periscope Fan Interaction Segment 2 – Review: “Traded” Segment 3 – Interview: Comedian Johnno Wilson (“First Impressions”) Segment 4 -Interview: Author Bob Perlow (“The Warmup Guy”) Segment 5 – Interview: Actress Molly Hagan (“BFFs”) … Read More

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